Network Operation Center (NOC)

About NOC

Businesses rely on networks for all operations. Hence, network monitoring is very crucial for any business. Today, networks span globally, having multiple links established between geographically separated data centers, public and private clouds. This creates multifold challenges in network management. Network admins need to be more proactive and agile in monitoring network performance

Network services have become increasingly powerful, extensively global increasingly depended on to perform or provide different.

As one of leading system integrator in Sri Lanka, Asia Pacific Technology Systems (PVT) Ltd, introduce Network Monitoring and Operation center facility for our valuable customers to drive their business very efficiently and hassle free.

Continuous, proactive network surveillance is essential for detecting problems as they happen, identifying performance degradation prior to network failure, and solving critical issues around network availability and business continuity.


1. 24×7 surveillance
2. End-to-end case and fault management
3. Fault identification and alarm handling
4. Fault triager, isolation and advising about the troubleshooting technics
5. Supervision of planned outages
6. Management of field technicians during fault scenarios (Only for SLA Customers)
7. Supervised management and dispatch of advanced replacement parts (Only for SLA Customers)
8. Escalation and supervision of ISP/CSP


  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Physical and virtual server monitoring
  • WAN/ILL Link monitoring
  • Traffic/Application Monitoring


  • System(s) and services Availability, Usage, Performance
  • Resources Planning & maintain availability
  • Performance Round-trip-time, throughput
  • Log Analysis Syslog, Event log, Audit log

“Where it all happens”

  • Coordination of tasks
  • Status of network and services
  • Fielding of network-related incidents and
  • Complaints

The “Big Three”?

  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Performance