Nãmal Senaratna

“Work on time and do what you said you would do. Be courteous and do what is right, always. You cannot build a business without being true to yourself first. If something doesn’t work the way you wanted it to, own up to and try and fix it without giving excuses or blaming others. Once you are true to yourself, everything else falls into place,” says Namal explaining his work mantra and how it helped shape a business that is based on trust and confidence of all stakeholders. “Run an honest business,” adds Namal who values trust and integrity as the founding pillars to his life as well as business. With over 250 global and local clients working with APTS, the company has been recognised for its work year after year through various international and national accolades with clients returning to the company and recommending its services to their peers in the industry.

“I often see people get carried away with wealth, fame and power and lose themselves in the process. Being ‘down to earth’ is difficult at times, but we need to remember that a good leader is one that inspires others while inspiring themselves, To me, APTS is and will always be a group effort,” says Namal who relates the success of APTS to the people who work in it and further encourages everyone to eliminate the ego and be humble. When carrying out a business, Namal recommends respecting each person’s idea and to make collective decisions that are based on a better understanding of any given situation. It is with leadership thinking such as this, that the company has evolved to a position that is able to operate within itself as an entity without any loans.

Namal’s efforts of starting APTS is a rags-to-riches narration. The last 500 rupee note in his wallet was invested in building APTS 12+ years ago, and from that, Namal learnt a valuable lesson he sticks by to this day. “Each challenge will teach you something important. Instead of asking yourself ‘Why is this happening to me?’ ask yourself ‘What is this teaching me?’ Even if you or the company crashes to the ground, you will learn something about yourself. That is why it’s important to stay grounded,” says Namal who takes every challenge as a learning exercise and a push in the direction of doing it better and with more determination.

After many challenges and milestones over 12+ years, APTS has propelled itself and evolved into a renowned service provider capable of providing solutions to any type of IT technology-related requirement in the market today.