A Globally Recognized Innovative IT Solution Provider

Transform your business with our tailor-made tech solutions. Let us help you take your business to new heights

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A Globally Recognized Innovative IT Solution Provider

Transform your business with our tailor-made tech solutions. Let us help you take your business to new heights

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Asia Pacific Technology Systems (Private) Limited (APTS), an innovative and customer-centric ICT solution provider. Since 2008, we have been leading the way in Systems Integration and IT Services in Sri Lanka, receiving 19+ local and global awards, including Asia’s Greatest Brands in 2020. Our commitment to ISO 9001:2015 quality standards ensures excellence in addressing your organizational challenges. With 250+ satisfied customers in Sri Lanka and Maldives, spanning BFSI, Manufacturing, Education, IT & BPO, Telecommunication, and ERP sectors, we offer top-notch products and services. Our partnerships with industry leaders like CISCO, Dell, HPE, and VMware enable us to deliver best-in-class solutions.


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July 18, 2024

Why Businesses Must Adopt Proactive Cybersecurity Strategies

Businesses are increasingly targeted by cyberattacks, making cybersecurity a top priority. Traditionally, companies relied on reactive security, patching vulnerabilities after attacks. This approach is failing because cyberattacks are constantly evolving. The article advocates for proactive cyber defense, which involves continuously monitoring systems, analyzing threats, and implementing preventative measures. This includes understanding critical assets, using threat intelligence, simulating attacks, and continuously improving defenses.

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July 16, 2024

Emotional Intelligence: The Key to Personal and Professional Success

Emotional intelligence (EI) is key to success in life, both personally and professionally. It's about managing your own emotions and understanding others'. Businesses can boost EI in leaders through training, feedback, and a supportive culture, leading to a happier, more productive workplace.

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Strengthening Cyber Defenses: 5 Ways AI Takes the Lead

This blog post explores how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing cybersecurity defenses. Here are the key takeaways: AI detects and prevents threats: AI scans massive data volumes to identify suspicious patterns, safeguarding organizations from evolving cyberattacks. AI analyzes user behavior: AI learns typical user activity and flags anomalies, enabling early detection of potential security breaches. AI automates incident response: AI automates repetitive tasks and prioritizes alerts, streamlining security response and minimizing damage. AI prioritizes vulnerability management: AI analyzes code and threat intelligence to pinpoint vulnerabilities most at risk, allowing for efficient resource allocation. AI enhances access control: AI verifies user identities through biometrics and behavior analysis, improving access control and thwarting unauthorized access attempts. By leveraging AI, organizations can fortify their defenses and navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape with greater confidence.

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